A Meditative Therapy

“No mind means to live in the present moment without any attachment to the past or the future. When you are in a state of no mind, you are free from worries, fears, and anxieties. You are simply present, aware, and alive.”

OSHO No-Mind

Course Dates: 6 June 23 – 12 June 23

OSHO No-Mind is a powerful Meditative Therapy consisting of an hour of gibberish followed by an hour of sitting silently. Gibberish is a cathartic technique that encourages expressive sounds and body movements. The more total you are, the more effective it is. To speak gibberish means to speak in nonsense words, as Osho says “using any language that you don’t know.”

Gibberish helps to break the mind’s habit of continual verbalization. It allows thoughts to be thrown out rather than repressed, leaving the mind empty and silent.

From the “Book now ” Button you can only pay for your stay and you can pay the rest amount INR 7000/- (Course fee) on arrival!

Why Attend This Course

“Once you start looking directly, you will be surprised. You will come to know that you are carrying a madman; not one really, a madhouse; many madmen inside, running hither and thither, all against each other, fighting, struggling, warring.” Osho

  • Very often the advice we get for escaping an overactive mind involves a series of tips such as: “Detach from your thoughts,” or
    “Practice mindfulness” or “Move into the present moment.”
  • These suggestions may work when we are capable of achieving even a little distance from the mind; the problem is that there are times when we are so caught up in the mind that such suggestions are simply irritating.
  • OSHO No-Mind is a way of throwing out your mental garbage wholesale and moving into the silence of no-mind quickly and
    easily. A way of relaxing when relaxing seems impossible.

The Learning

“Then something happens. Even though you are not doing anything you are totally conscious – silent, but conscious…exhausted, but conscious. Only consciousness is there: a consciousness of your deep let-go, a consciousness that now everything has disappeared.” Osho

  • In this program, you will learn – through existential experience the following:
    Who you really are, beyond the chaos of the mind.
  • The significance of being present in the moment
  • An effective meditation technique that can work even when you are very stressed out
  • How to stop the mind from overthinking and worrying
  • How to relax the mind effectively, so as to sleep better naturally at night
  • A quick and easy method of freeing yourself from obsessive thinking

Course Participation Includes

All Meals and Refreshments: We serve multi-cuisine, locally-grown food. A Dining area with indoor and outdoor seating. 

Daily Meditations: OSHO Dynamic Meditation, OSHO Audio Talk, OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation, OSHO Kundalini Meditation and the OSHO Evening Meeting Meditation.

Access to the Swimming Pool is included. Spa Facilities (Sauna, Jacuzzi, Samadhi Tank) are charged extra. 

Access to the Osho Library. 

Access to the Crown Dome. 

Participants can enjoy occasional Night Events viz. DJ Parties, Creativity Night, Karaoke, Talent Shows etc.




Price: ₹ 7000 / Day
(Accommodates 2)



Price: ₹ 5000 / Day
(Accommodates 2)



Price: ₹ 1800 / Day
(Shared By 4)



Price: ₹ 1800 / Day
(Shared By 5)


Price: ₹ 21000 / Day
(Accommodates 6)



Price: ₹ 9000 / Day
(Accommodates 2)



Rajiv facilitates OSHO meditations, OSHO meditative therapies (OSHO Mystic Rose, OSHO Born Again, OSHO No-mind) and groups at the Osho International Meditation Resort (OIMR) in Pune, India, and certain other centers in India. This gives him an opportunity to work with people of different countries and a very varied background. 

He is also a Trainer for the “OSHO Meditation In-depth and Facilitating”. He offers the following individual sessions : Zen Counseling, Transomatic Dialogue Therapy, Akashic process, Orb of Transcendence process and Felt sense awareness (Isness sessions).


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