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DECEMBER 22, 2022 – DECEMBER 24, 2022


“Life repeats itself mindlessly – unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating itself like a wheel.” Osho

Some of our behavior patterns have their roots in past lives. They can prevent us from living up to our full potential in this life. In this session, I support and accompany you on a journey backwards in time. Through re-experiencing past lives, energy that was caught up in the past is released to be available for you here and now. A new understanding of your present life situation opens up.

Emotional traumas, deep-seated beliefs and patterns, and even chronic physical symptoms can be traced to past life experiences still locked in the chakras or energy centers. Some of our light, creativity, love and meditation also are held there. We can release the unconscious, relive these moments, understand the lessons to be learnt and its relevance to this life and rediscover the natural flow of our energy.


“If you are following some wrong, unhealthy, neurotic, destructive habits, the only reason is that you have not been able to find some creative outlets for your energy. And then the familiar persists, then the familiar becomes automatic, autonomous… You will have to look into your patterns. Why do you think in a certain way? Why has a certain habit taken possession of you? You cannot simply drop it, because it has roots in you and roots go deep and they persist.”-osho

Do you get stuck in toxic relationships? Are you doing to others what was done to you? Do you feel frustrated and embarrassed after using anger or intimidation to get what you want? Or perhaps you feel manipulated by others who do this to you?

This short course is your invitation to learn to use the tools essential for escaping the trap of compulsive repetition and to start living and relating authentically and joyfully.


To slow down and be able to respond authentically

To identify and unlearn negative thinking and behavior patterns
To reset the triggers that make you react and repeat old habits
To reconnect with your feelings and with your true self
To express and live all aspects of your life with joy, creativity, awareness, and love


Prem Sindhu

Sindhu Prem has 25 years of experience in Meditation & Healing Therapies. She started her journey in 1995 as a Reiki Grandmaster and then a Patanjali Yoga teacher in 1999. She holds a Master Diploma in Holistic Medicine and has been trained as a Facilitator in Osho Meditations, Osho Mystic Rose, Osho No-Mind, Osho Born Again, Osho Talking to Body-Mind, Transomatic Dialogue Therapy, Bardo-Karmic Past Life Healing, Akashic Processes. Tera-Mai-Sei-Chem.

Cancellation/Refund Policy :

  • 100% if the resort cancels or reschedules.
  • 50% if participant withdraws before the start of the program.
  • He can utilize the full contribution towards attending a program for self, within a year.
  • No refund if the participant starts the program and is unable to continue for whatsoever reasons.

You can reserve your stay here. Program fees of 7000 has to be paid on arrival.

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