OSHO Bardo Intensive

OSHO Bardo Intensive

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FEBRUARY 24, 2023 – FEBRUARY 26, 2023


“The human body is nothing more than a light bulb. Life is the electricity, the energy which keeps the physical body alive, glowing with vitality.

“If you really want to understand the true meaning of life and death then you must, by your own effort, learn the art of withdrawing your life force from the exterior body and focusing it on your inner self. Only then will you be able to grasp the true meaning, the real significance of life and death.” (Osho, The Long, the Short and the All)

The theme of this course is the relationship between meditation and death. Once we are familiar with the practice of voluntarily and consciously turning our energy from its usual focus on our outer world to the inner, we have the key to a relaxed and conscious approach to dying.

In addition, we can then realize that we are not the sum total of our physical self, not our thoughts or feelings. Naturally, this affects the quality of our day-to-day living as well the experience of moving away from the body mind in dying. Another very significant key.

Knowing ourselves as consciousness, at home in our outer and inner realities, we are free. As Osho reminds us, then we can– and should! – celebrate both our living and our dying.

This course is recommended for both seasoned meditators and those new to the world of meditation. As well as listening to some selected talks from Osho and creating a thread of celebrative dance throughout, we will experiment with a variety of meditative methods, active and passive, culminating in OSHO Bardo.



Maneesha has been a meditator for 48 years, half of that time devoted to passing on what she has learnt through living in close proximity to Osho, and through her own experience. She is passionate about living in joy and gratitude, and understanding dying as, simply, the ultimate meditation.

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    24 Feb, 2023 to
    26 Feb, 2023


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