Body Love for Women

Body Love for Women

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“If you love, you will go on showering yourself, you will go on nourishing yourself.” OSHO

We will spend this time together as women to create an atmosphere of love and trust where we can reconnect with our bodies in acceptance and celebration.

Your beauty is innate, meet with it, celebrate it, reawaken your natural self-love with the support of the women in the course.

To be fully alive means to embrace all our senses, so we will explore special meditation techniques for women, that are ways of moving into our bodily energies with deep love – embracing ourselves as sensuous beings.

Once we love ourselves, life takes on a whole new dimension and the quality of self nurturance arises naturally. Self-love and meditation go hand in hand, and from the space of clarity that arises with our meditations we will explore your body’s particular needs and come up with easy ways for you to incorporate self nurturing practices into your daily life.

  • Techniques that help you stay in contact with your self-love
  • To respect, and be aware of, your body’s energy responses, so you can respond to life in ways that are in harmony with your inner being
  • Ways of bringing self nurturance into your life, simply and easily
  • Self-healing methods to help you shed the hurts of the past and celebrate your innate beauty
  • To experience how relaxing your body naturally relaxes your mind
  • To experience the truth that you are magnificent beyond comprehension, just as you are



Brazilian-born Kimaya has training in multiple disciplines, including OSHO Therapy, Zen Counseling Skills, Conscious Relating, Family Constellation, Hypnosis for Meditation, Tantra, Neo Reichian Pulsation and Multidimensional Bodywork.

She travels globally, including to the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India, offering self-transformation seminars, retreats and trainings in Hara Awareness, Self-Inquiry Intensives,Tantra and Women’s workshops, bodywork and Healing Therapy Trainings.

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    01 Apr, 2023 to
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