friendship-and-love-of-man-and-woman-2022-01-17-19-34-56-utc (1)
The Love vs Friendship dilemma
The great relationship dilemma had always been between love and friendship. When we get attracted to...
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eating-a-plate-of-mongolian-beef-stir-fry-2022-03-26-12-03-05-utc (1)
How to Eat Right?
We are often very concerned about what we eat. Our food indeed plays a significant role in our health...
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Closeup of yoga woman meditating at home, side view
Benefits of Meditation
Meditation can be life-changing. Its benefits are instant if we get the knack. Meditation can give quick...
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Why people have become so violent?
An old Indian businessman living in Texas was visiting India. He was coming back after forty years. He...
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BodyMind (1)
Want a sharp memory? Tune in to your cells.
Many times, we do not remember the name of a favorite person, a friend’s phone number, or the book we...
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Closeup of yoga woman meditating at home, side view
Om can remove all obstacles and awaken new consciousness
There is something mystical and yet simple about the sound of Om. It connects one immediately to the...
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Health (1)
On Feasting and Fasting
Accept it or not, much of the attraction of the festival depends on the irresistible delicacies you are...
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Attractive young woman practicing meditation
Instant Meditation and Instant Coffee
This is the age of instant coffee. People don’t have time to wait for the coffee to brew. In the same...
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The Art of dealing with your Anger
Anger is perhaps one of the most difficult emotions to handle for many of us. It could be a rogue driver...
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How meditation helps in relating?
“I understand…” Does this statement sound familiar?  You would say of course it does, we use it...
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