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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can be life-changing. Its benefits are instant if we get the knack. Meditation can give quick relief from our stress, or it put us on a profound journey into the mystery that existence is. No list can cover all benefits of meditation. This list of ten is some of the things we would like to share from our experience.

1. Get rid of obsessive thinking:

Meditation slows down our minds which are otherwise on a non-stop traffic of thoughts. We can say it is a pause button for our minds. It creates a space where we can have real clarity.

2. Get physically healthy:

Mind and body are connected. Or we can even say both are one and the same. The body is our outer mind, and the mind is our inner body. A calmer mind will surely improve your physical health too. Some advanced meditation courses will work through the emotional part of our physical illness and heal the Karmic part and we can understand the message the disease is trying to tell us.

3. Sleep well:

We can’t have a deep sleep when our mind cannot relax. At night, our unconscious is working super fast, especially when there are a lot of unsolved issues. Meditation helps in “cleaning up” the unconscious. Once this happens, the body-mind can finally relax. We can know for the first time what is a night of good sleep. There are also specific night meditations that can improve the quality of our sleep, and one can be off the sleeping pills.

4. Win more friends:

Yes, it may sound odd. Meditations are not about ascetics going to the hills. When we meditate, we are more relaxed. Our energy and our heart are more open. The more the heart is open, the more you become loving. Feel of our whole energy changes and there is more peace and silence inner joy that comes through meditation. When people around us feel this vibration, they too feel more relaxed when they are around us. And everybody wants peace, relaxation, and to

5. Be alone! :

It may sound contrary. But it’s not. Meditation is a state of being alone with ourselves. Loneliness is a negative statement, it is the absence of others. But being alone means the presence of ourselves. In loneliness, we may feel empty from inside. In aloneness, we feel so fulfilled – just being with ourselves we feel so full. We may feel that we don’t need anybody else. In loneliness, we feel so empty that we need to fill ourselves up by socializing, watching TV, watching Youtube, or going shopping. Meditation can bring us to the state of aloneness yet feel so full from inside and so connected with ourselves. You may again become a child who is content just playing with a few pebbles.

6. Overcome addictions:

Our addictions are substitutes for love or other things missing in our lives. We just want to fill that hole with something. Meditation will help us to find that missing thing. And that missing thing always has a connection with our own self. It is always the lack of self-love. Meditation helps to look within and if we can go through to the roots and heal the cause of our addictions, the blocked energy gets released. Then, naturally, our addictions drop.

7. Achieve life goals:

Yes, meditation can help us to achieve our goal but not like if we have to earn 50 million dollars by the end of this year. Meditation may not help quantitatively. But, qualitatively it can surely help. Subjectively, yes. It is often fear that stops us from pursuing our life goals. Meditation gives us trust. It gives us self-trust in place of self-doubt. Life has a new meaning once we trust our heart, our intuition. Life is not a problem or misery to be solved. It’s a mystery to live, love, and celebrate.

8. Gain spiritual health:

Spiritual health is being at peace with ourselves, being at peace with the world. It’s about accepting ourselves as we are, being authentic, being natural, and being spontaneous. It also brings the quality of compassion, love, and sensitivity. What else can give these, other than meditation?

9. Inner peace!:

We can become so different. Our energy levels can become so high, like how as children we never got tired after hours of playing. Meditation helps us recognize the part of our inner climate that cannot be disturbed at all. Outside whatever state we live in, there is some part inside us that stays calm always. Meditation allows us to access that part anytime we want.

10. Who am I?

And at the center of all this is knowing what our true self is. OSHO calls it right remembering. Buddha used to say Samma Sati. These were also the last words of OSHO: “remember who you are”. We already know who our soul is! We have just forgotten. It’s not some mystery. It’s something obvious. OSHO calls it tathata – the witness, Sakshi. It’s not something new, this part inside us was always there, since childhood. It’s just that we live so superficially, we live so outside that we never gave recognition to this part that’s inside us. Through meditation, we uncover this part and make it evident.

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