Explore Your Seven Energy Centers


Heal Your Body, Mind & Soul – 2 days


2-Day Workshop
Self-Healing with awareness is a journey of awakening. this intensive is an adventure to find the way back to your lost self. This intensive can heal your wounds: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Most people are stuck in their lives, feeling bored, cynical, and hopeless.

These are symptoms from losing touch with our inner being, our original wholeness. Every Disease means a lack of harmony and wholeness within body, mind, and spirit. Every sickness of the body-mind-spirit is rooted in our repressions and invalidations. Each individual’s physical body is a Memory Bank containing memories from yesterday back to our evolutionary roots.

Disowned memories, negative beliefs, shock, and trauma live isolated and disowned from the everyday mind and lie buried in our body systems affecting our life, love, work, relationships, body. Self-Healing and Health happen by feeling and remembering a past trauma, becoming aware of how it caused the loss of contact with our real self, and consciously reconnecting to our original wholeness of being.*